We show you how to remove an airlock from a radiator if you’ve followed all the other steps we have on our channel about how to get you’re radiator going, …


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  1. Used this tutorial as the gas engineer told me he could not sort out a cold rad in the house. He even suggested I repipe the whole system😂.
    I used a 1/2 inch bsp drain cock instead and it done the job a treat.
    Thankyou for putting up these vids. Have definitely saved me a lot of money

  2. Hi there, can you tell me the fault, I have a Worcester Greenstar 30si, it doesn’t hold its pressure, keep topping up everyday, pumped up vessel, and topped up, so far so good, when boiler is on, the prv starts leaking, and when boiler cools, pressure is back down again. Oh on that odd accession there is water coming out of vessel when de pressured. So is it the vessel or prv at fault. Thanks for reading, feedback Welcome, and these videos are absolutely bonkers👍

  3. Not having a go, but learning to balance a system properly will alleviate this problem and can be done much quicker. If proper balancing techniques dont work, then the system has a blockage somewhere within a pipe/radiator and will require chemical or power flushing. I do enjoy some of your videos though, like I said, not having a go.

  4. Hi James, just to say thanks for sharing your videos, knowledge and experience with us all, they have helped me, as a start from scratch, plumber heating engineer.
    Love and peace to you and yours & Big up to Big G, love him!!!😸

  5. Thanks for this vid (and many others). Learnt from this to get a cold rad hot again. Easy 10min job including digging out some hose and an old half inch tail. Incidentally I drained into a bucket instead of outside as I could use a short 1m section of pipe. Easier to thread onto the rad.

  6. Don't forget to tell anyone who is trying this that if they have a sealed system they will need to top up afterwards, good video though, sometimes I do it the other way round, on a gravity fed system I have blown water through the rads using a garden hose to shift air,

  7. Do this all the time. My hose always has a stab of 15mm with nut and olive in it. This is idel for puttin an iso innthe bleed valve opening do yoi can go and top up then use the pressure again

  8. Ok have tried everything for my one cold radiator. balancing, changing the TRV, switching all radiators off except the cold one, (no it didn't heat up) I even changed the radiator and it's still cold. I tried what you said in the video but there seems no pressure when I open the TRV, just drips, when I open the LS side there's pressure. Any suggestions where I go from here, before calling someone? Thanks for the help

  9. Dear mr plumber parts please can you help me. The bleed valve on my radiators is welded in and a normal key does not grip onto the square head . I think it’s worn out. How do I bleed them . I do not want to replace every radiator in my house you see.

  10. Thanks so much. Put a new radiator in the system, and spent 2 days trying to get it full. This did the trick. It was funny, but only opening the bleed valve sucked air in. This got all the air out.

  11. Hi, great videos, thanks. I have a question please. My downstair bathroom Rad is stone cold, the flow and return pipe is also stone cold. If i close off both lockshield valves, let a little water out the drain valve, open the lockshields back up and bleed the Rad, it works perfectly…… This Rad has been doing this occasionally since Summer. I've drained the whole system, bled and balanced the Rads but still this one radiator continues to not work until i empty a little water out of it and bleed it.

    It suggests air somewhere, but for the life of me, i cannot find where it may be drawing in. All my other Rad work spot on. I have 9 in total.

    Any thoughts please?


  12. epic guide as always. I must say I've learned a lot from your 5-6 minute videos over the last 2 years to the extent I installed 6 new rads in my extension and balanced the system, had it bled via this method when one rad was blocked, etc. thx thx thx!!

  13. Fantastic tuition by the Cat. I am complete dumb arse when it comes to plumbing however after seeing this performance YOU ALL!!!! I got my radiator full on again. Nice one Mr Cat you certainly have gots balls of steel lol!!!! Love it!!!

  14. Thank you so much for this. Tried everything but radiator was stone cold. Carried out this procedure and you should have heard the noise of all the air coming out. Radiator nice and hot now.

  15. Hi there, my plumber spend 1h trying to resurrect the beast but at the end I did it thanks to this very video. Thanks a lot to help me understand how my plumbing works and for making me laugh !
    One thing to make even better videos the future is if you could list the tools you used in the video description. English is not my mother tongue and I had to listen 3-4 times to be sure you said you were using a "nipple" 0_o
    I will change my valves for thermostatic one in the coming weeks looking forward to watch your video.
    PS: Any particular valve you would recommend ?

  16. I have a newly installed vaillant just two months ago. Now im experiencing pressure loss only when i turn on heating…. checked that there is no leaks aswelll…. can you do a video or advise me thanks

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